Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama's team now includes my cousin!

I'm pretty pumped that Obama has chosen my 3rd cousin, Ken Salazar, to be the Secretary of the Interior! You can read about it in this NY Times Article, or you can just google Ken Salazar and Obama and a ton of stories will come up. It seems that some environmentalist groups are p.o.'d with Obama's choice, but I'm sure someone would be mad about whoever got nominated. My cousin is a self-made man, like Obama, who grew up on a farm in the San Luis Valley in Colorado, without indoor plumbing (according to my mother's recollection). And since his job revolves around the issues of rural America, and that is where he comes from, I know he'll do a great job. He comes from a family that had very little and has now made his way to D.C. He and his brother John, who is also in politics, are amazing and I am so happy for our family!!!

Here's a picture of Ken, my mom and me at the LAEF Scholarship Gala in 2005:


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