Friday, June 20, 2008


I arrived to Chile safe and sound on May 30th, 2008. Christian was waiting for me anxiously at the airport and when we got home after a 20 min. taxi ride, I opened the bedroom door to two presents sitting on the bed :) It was such a nice gesture and made me feel very bienvenida (welcome). The presents were a pink coffee mug & plate from Starbucks and a picture frame with the picture of the tulips on Pearl Street in Boulder (as seen above on the title of my blog). ¡¡¡Qué lindo!!! Now I only use my pink mug for tea and coffee.

Things have been going really well since I got here 3 weeks ago today. I took some time to unpack, wash some clothes, iron everything that got wrinkled while travelling and organize our apartment. Christian added a couple extra shelves within the already-existing shelves and that helped create a ton more space. My friend Becca was also visiting Chile when I first got here and she stayed with us for about a week. It was nice to hang out with her instead of being home alone all day as well as get to show her a bit of Santiago. We went to the vineyard Concha y Toro, which turned out to be an adventure in the rain. Then, about a week after Becca left, two gringa friends of Christian also arrived--la Colleen & la Sarah. They have only been here a few days and both went to Viña to stay with their old host we'll see them more when we carretear (go out) in Viña.

Apart from being a temporary housewife, I have gone on some interviews....and the good news is that I just got hired at KPMG Chile in a Staff position in their IFRS department. It's the newest department to Chile and growing quickly. At the beginning of the year, they were only 4 strong and now...16 including me!!! ¡Bakán po! Finding pega (work) in Chile within in 3 weeks is pretty badass if I say so myself....but of course I can't take all of the credit--I have to thank Stephanie H. at the Denver office for sending my resume & CV to the office here in Santiago. Wouldn't have gotten an interview without her help! Anyway, I start Monday at 8:30am sharp--very excited!

Well, Christian just got home and we have to eat before leaving for Viña. ¡Besitos y saludos.....nos vemos luego!

El diablo in the wine cellar at Concha y Toro.


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